22 days: Combination Trip Argentina & Bolivia

  • Bike tour through the historic districts of Buenos Aires
  • A tango class in a tango saloon
  • Visit the Iguazú Falls on the argentine side
  • By rental car through beautiful countryside; from Salta via Cachi to Cafayate and back to Salta
  • Wild West town of Tupiza
  • 4-day Jeep Tour through the Salar de Uyuni and N.P. Avaroa ending in Uyuni
  • The fascinating government city of La Paz full of contrasts
  • 3-day tour to the jungle of N.P. Madidi or to the pampa, at choice
  • Sail the world's highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca and stay the night on Isla del Sol

This fantastic combination trip will introduce you to a very beautiful part of both Argeninia and Bolivia.
By bike you will explore Buenos Aires and you will also get a class in the famous tango dance. Afterwards you will visit the overwhelming Iguazú waterfalls.
From Salta 'la linda' you will explore the beautiful nature in the region of Cachi and Cafayate by rental car.
At La Quiaca you cross the border to Bolivia and to the wild west town of Tupiza where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once settled down. Here you start your 4-day Jeep Tour through the Salar de Uyuni, the second largest salt flats in the world. In N.P. Avaroa you will see geysers, volcanoes, beautifully coloured lakes, flamingos, llamas and vicuñas. From La Paz you will go for 3 days to the jungle of N.P. Madidi or to the pampa. Whichever option you choose, you will get to see an incredible amount of animals and species.
You will also make a boat trip on Lake Titicaca and spend the night in an eco lodge on the mystical island Isla del Sol with its Inca culture.

During this trip you will travel at high altitude. From Tupiza at an altitude of 2.850 m you will ascend to higher altitudes and it is possible that you get some trouble with the height. We advise you to read information about altitude sickness.

Compose your own Combination Trip Bolivia / Chile trip.
This is an example trip, you can adjust it in consultation. 

Route: Buenos Aires - P. Iguazú - Iguazú waterfalls - Salta - Cachi - Cafayate - Salta - La Quiaca - Tupiza - La Paz - Rurrenabaque - N.P. Madidi/jungle or pampa's - La Paz - Copacabana - Isla del Sol - Copacabana - La Paz 

Day 1: arrival in Buenos Aires
Upon arrival at Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport you will be picked up and brought to your hotel. If you have an early flight, you can use the rest of the day to recover from the trip, or to get acquainted with this metropolis. In the evening it is recommended to go to a parrilla, a typical grill restaurant and taste an Argentinean steak. There are many bars where you can have a drink afterwards.

Day 2: Cycling through historic districts of Buenos Aires / tango class
What could be nicer than exploring the city by bike during a tour of about 4 hours with a guide who has lived in this bustling city for years?
Today you will visit the highlights of the Argentine capital. Watch the tango dancers in the streets of the colourful La Boca district, admire historic buildings around the Plaza de Mayo square, visit the modern Puerto Madero and stroll through the Bohemian district of San Telmo.
In the evening, get to know Argentina's dance, the tango, by taking a class, and after class you can venture out and dance a tango on the dance floor of a local Milonga, a tango saloon. Drinks and a simple meal are included.

Day 3: Puerto Iguazú
You will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the national airport Aeroparque (BsAs). It is a short drive of about fifteen minutes.
After that you fly from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú.
Here you will be picked up from the airport and brought to your hotel. The rest of the day you have leisure time to enjoy this pleasant place.

Day 4: the Iguazú Falls
This morning you will be picked up at your hotel to go on a full day group excursion with English speaking guide to the Argentine side of the amazing Iguazú Falls.
On this side of the park you will get very close to the waterfalls.
Walking along the trails you can encounter animals like coati's, monkeys and toucans in the woods.
Only a few meters from the 'Garganta del Diablo' you can see how the immense water mass of 84 meters falls down.

If you like you can take a boat trip to get even closer to the waterfalls at extra cost, but you'll get pretty wet here.

Day 5: to Salta
You will be picked up at your hotel for your private transfer to the airport and your flight from Puerto Iguazú to Salta. On the airfield of this pleasant city you will be picked up at the airport and brought to your hotel.
Depending on your arrival time you will have free time to explore the city. There are many beautiful buildings in the centre and nice terraces.

Day 6: by rental car to Cachi 162km / 3½ hours
At 9.00 hrs. you will receive your rental car.
Today you will make the drive from Salta to Cachi, an enjoyable trip of almost 160 km. The landscape you will see is totally different from previous sceneries.
You will drive through the N.P. Los Cardones, where thousands of cardón cacti grow. These linear cacti have a height of 6 to 8 m. But before you get here you have already had a very nice trip.
From Salta take the RN 68 direction Cafayate and at el Carril turn right direction Pulares. The road winds for kilometers through a breathtakingly colourful valley. It is decorated with moss green, rusty and grey coloured mountain walls, where high cacti grow along the road. You are here in the Quebrada de Escoipe and El Valle Encantado (the Enchanting Valley). The road leads to the highest point at over 3,700 m, Cuesta del Obispo (the Bishop's summit). From here you have a magnificent view over the valley which you just drove through. Then you descend and slowly but surely reach the N.P. Los Cardones. The landscape changes into plains with thousands of huge cacti.
After the village of Payogasta it is still about 10 km to Cachi.
Finca La Paya is located 7 km outside the village on a beautiful spot in the middle of nature, stuck against the mountains. A special place where you will be warmly welcomed by the owner Virginia.

Day 7: by rental car to Cafayate 157 km / 3½ hours
The winding and unstretched roads lead you through a colourful and ever-changing landscape. Drive quietly and enjoy nature. You will drive along the 'Quebrada de las Flechas', a natural phenomenon also called Canyon or Arrows. In the small villages along the road you can visit churches or a weaving house. The day ends in Cafayate, one of the most beautiful villages in Argentina. It is a natural stop for anyone who travels through the Valles Calchaquíes. Cafayate was founded in 1840 and not long after that a number of wineries were built on the slopes around the city. In Cafayate, where the peaceful atmosphere of a village reigns, you will find restaurants, museums and a few colonial mansions.

Day 8: by rental car to Salta, 198 km / 3 hours
You have all day to drive through the Quebrada de Cafayate. This Argentine 'Grand Canyon' is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Behind every bend you can encounter new surprising views.
Take your time and enjoy the beautiful sunset and the colourful landscape.
After arrival in Salta you will return the rental car.

Day 9: to La Quiaca (by bus) and to Tupiza, Bolivia (2.850 m)
In the morning you will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the bus terminal of Salta for your bus ride to La Quiaca, the border town with Bolivia. You can take a taxi at the bus station or walk to the border at the Puente Internacional. On both the Argentinean and the Bolivian side you will have to fulfill the customs formalities and then on the Bolivian side you will meet your driver who will take you to Tupiza.

Day 10: 4-day Salar de Uyuni tour - to Quetena (4,191 m)
You leave around half past 8 to visit Palala's Quebrada, a rock formation spectacularly jagged by erosion. After this you will visit the Sillar where you can enjoy the dramatic landscape before continuing to Nazarenito, a small mining community. You will drive through the deserted ghost town of San Antonio, once famous for its wealth of gold.
You will then pass Laguna Morejón and the area of the same name, with volcanic eroded rock formations.
At the end of the day you will arrive in Quetena where you will spend the night. Despite the temperature (-18/-20°C), we recommend that you go outside to take a look at the immense Milky Way above you, because here the sky is truly breathtaking.

Day 11: Salar de Uyuni tour - to Huallajara (4,200 m)
Today you will have to get up pretty early because this is the longest day of the tour.
You will arrive at Laguna Kolpa, where raw materials are extracted to make soap. Via the Salar de Chalviri you will arrive at the hot springs where you can swim and have lunch.
You will also stop at the lagunas Verde and Blanca, located at the foot of the Licancabur Volcano (5,868 m), which marks the border between Chile and Bolivia.
For your information: Laguna Verde's green color is caused by the high content of arsenic and magnesium in the water.
Then stop at El Desierto de Dalí - a place with mountains of surrealistic colours reminiscent of the works of Salvador Dalí and rock formations of petrified lava. Then you will arrive at the Sol de Mañana Geiser at an altitude of 5,000 m. This area is extremely volcanic with temperatures in the mud pools up to 90° C. You will travel to Huallajara for your overnight stay. 

Day 12: Salar de Uyuni tour - to Puerto Chuvica or Villa Candelaria (3,600 m)
The first attraction of the day is Laguna Colorada, where flamingos can be seen in the warm season. The lake is rather shallow and has islets of borax and ice. The deep red color of the lake is caused by chlorine bacteria and deposits in the water.
Further on you will pass through the Silolí Desert and see the famous Árbol de Piedra, a rock formation in the shape of a tree that was eroded.
At Laguna Hedionda you can see flamingos, vicuñas and maybe even an Andean fox. Then you will pass the Ollagüe Volcano, from which smoke is constantly being released, and travel through the Salar de Chigüana to Puerto Chuvica or Villa Candelaria, where you will spend your last night.

Day 13: Salar de Uyuni tour - to Uyuni (3,600 m)
On this last day of the Jeep Tour you will cross the immense salt plain, stretching out in all directions as far as the eye can see. From here you also have a view at the Tunupa Volcano.
The salt plains consist of 11 separate layers with a thickness of between 2 and 20 m. It is the largest reserve of minerals such as lithium, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and borax in the world. It has 14 small islands, the most important of which are Incahuasi and Isla del Pescado.
When you leave the salt flats you visit Colchani, where kitchen salt is produced. Here you can buy souvenirs of salt and alpaca wool, the most important industries in the area.
Finally you arrive at the Train Cemetery just outside Uyuni. Here you can see the first Bolivian steam trains that have been discarded in the meantime. The tour ends in Uyuni between 13.00 and 14.00 hours.
You can store your luggage and go for a walk through the town and you will have time to eat (not included) before you leave for La Paz by tourist night bus at 20.00 hrs.
You will also get a light meal on board the bus and a small breakfast the next morning.
Optional you can take a flight from Uyuni to La Paz.

Day 14: La Paz (3,600 m)
Upon arrival at La Paz around 6.30 am you will be met and brought to your hotel. Please note that you may have to wait until the check-in time of the hotel before your room is available.
Today you have a day off in La Paz.
You can explore this fascinating government city full of contradictions: rich, poor, modern, traditional, old, new, high, low, all mixed up. You can visit some of the small museums on Calle Jaén, take the cable car to El Alto, see the articles on offer at the witches market or visit the Coca Museum.

If you would like to undertake an excursion with an English speaking guide then you can choose from the following:
° a half day private City Tour
° A 5-hour private 'exclusive' City Tour with a cable car ride to El Alto and a salteña snack
° a half day excursion to Chacaltaya, the highest ski slope in the world.

Day 15: to Rurrenabaque - the pampas
You will be picked up at your hotel and taken to La Paz airport for your flight to Rurrenabaque. You fly in half an hour from La Paz past mountain peaks of over 6,000 m high and over N.P. Madidi to tropical Rurrenabaque.
In Rurrenabaque you will be met and brought to the centre where your tour to the pampas starts with a ride by 4x4 Jeep over unpaved road. You pass Reyes and Santa Rosa del Yacuma. Then you continue the trip with a short boat trip on the Yacuma River to the Caracoles eco lodge.
There you will have lunch and you can take a short siesta.
Halfway through the afternoon you will leave by boat to see the animal life of the pampa. The animals can easily be seen and photographed.
The best time to visit the pampas is the dry season, when many capybaras, turtles and maybe anacondas along the riverbank are warming up or hunting. You will definitely see the river dolphin, the black caiman, monkeys and many birds.
Then it is time to return to the lodge.

Day 16: the pampas
Immediately after breakfast you go on an adventure again. You make a walk of 3 to 4 hours through swamps, looking for the enormous anaconda.
The guide can also show you the black and white caiman.
After lunch you will make a boat trip on the Yacuma River to see piranhas or swim with the playful river dolphins. Afterwards you will return to the lodge.
In the dark you will make another boat trip to see the glistening eyes of the caiman and other nightlife.

Day 17: the pampas - to Rurrenabaque
You will make another boat trip to see groups of squirrel monkeys pulling through the treetops in large numbers.

The pampa is also home to two other primates; the black and the red howler monkey.
You'll get your lunch at the lodge. Then you return by boat and 4x4 Jeep to Rurrenabaque where you will arrive halfway through the afternoon.
It is nice to walk to the river and see what kind of activity you find here. There are many restaurants where you can choose from for dinner (not included).

Day 18: to La Paz (3,600 m)
You will be taken to the airport of Rurrenabaque for your return flight to La Paz.
In La Paz you will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel.
Depending on your arrival time you will have free time to explore the city further.

Day 19: to Copacabana and to Isla del Sol (3,800 m)
Depending on where you spent the night you will be picked up at your hotel or taken to the bus station for your bus ride to Copacabana, departure 8.00 hrs. (travel time approx. 3¼ hours).
You can also choose to take a private transfer from La Paz to Copacabana with Spanish speaking driver.

Arriving in Copacabana you will pay a short visit to the Plaza and the Cathedral.
Afterwards you will have lunch (drinks not included) and at 13.30 hrs. you will board the boat that will take you to the southern part of Isla del Sol. The boat trip takes about 1½ hours.
Once on the island you will visit the Inca ruins, namely the Inca Steps of Yumani and the Source of Eternal Youth.

Your dinner (buffet, drinks not included) and your overnight stay at Isla del Sol are in eco lodge La Estancia.

Day 20: Isla del Sol - to Copacabana (3,600 m)
You make a walk of about 45 minutes to the Pilkokaina Palace.
During the walk you can enjoy the beautiful view over Lake Titicaca.
Then you will board the boat again to return to Copacabana where the tour ends around noon.

In Copacabana you will have the opportunity to have lunch (not included) and explore the pleasant village on the shores of Lake Titicaca. You can go to the harbour or if you have enough energy you can climb the Stations of the Cross of Calvario Mountain with a beautiful view at the end as a reward.

Day 21: to La Paz (3,600 m)
This morning you have time to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in Copacabana.
At 13.00 hrs. you will be picked up and brought to the place where the bus to La Paz leaves. The travel time is approximately 3½ hours. In La Paz you will be picked up at the bus station and brought to your hotel.
You can also choose to take a private transfer from La Paz to Copacabana with Spanish speaking driver.

Day 22: to the airport, end of your trip
Your beautiful and varied trip has come to an end.
You have free time in La Paz until you will be picked up at your hotel for your transfer to the airport. That will be about 2¾ to 3 hours before your flight departs, depending on your flight time and the expected traffic on the road.