N.P. Torotoro

National Park Torotoro has a surface of 165 km² and is situated at a distance of 138 km from Cochabamba. Until now the park can only be reached from Cochabamba, although it is situated in the very north of the department of Potosí.
Nature in N.P. Torotoro is of outstanding beauty and the park is also considered to be the paleontological capital of Bolivia.
To those that are a bit adventurous we are delighted to offer this beautiful tour through the magical reserve and the National Park Torotoro.
To cover the distance to Torotoro it takes more or less 4 hours in total.
As soon as you have left the city behind you will enjoy nature and the beautiful views over the coloured mountains.
Included in the tour are visits to a stone city at an altitude of close to 3.780 m, canyons, waterfalls and of course the huge amount of footprints that proof of the enormous reptiles that lived here in the far past; dinosaurs.
The picturesque village of Torotoro breaths the atmosphere of ancient times, you will find rest here and experience the Bolivian culture at its best.
On this tour you will not only be accompanied by our own guide, but also by a Spanish speaking guide from the park, to make sure that will receive as much information as possible.

3 days

N.P. Torotoro 3 days/2 nights

day 1:

The guide will pick you up from your hostal or hotel in Cochabamba around 8.00 hrs. to undertake the impressive trip in 4x4 vehicle to Torotoro, north of Potosí.

The landscape changes continuously during the drive. There will be time to make some photo stops along the way.

Upon arrival in Torotoro you will install yourself in your hotel and you will have lunch.

Than you will leave for the first challenge, named Umajalanta. This is one of Bolivia´s deepest caves, from which until now ´only´ 7 km have been explored.

After a drive of about 20 minutes you will need 25 minutes more to walk to the cave.
During the walk you can already admire the first dinosaur footprints.

The circuit that you will do in the cave is 350 m long. That doesn't seem to be a lot, but you will also have to descend 180 m. To enter and leave the cave you will make use of a rope, and also one time in the cave itself. At some points you will have to crawl to get through narrow spaces.
You will be provided with a helmet and a head light.

On the inside of the cave you will see unique scenery that you will remember for a long time; spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and also blind fishes, the specie is considered endemic.

After your visit to Umajalanta it will be time to go to your hotel and to have dinner.

day 2:

On this day you will depart after breakfast in the direction of the mountains. You will take a pack lunch with you.

After about 1½ hours you will arrive at the starting point of your today's hike to the city of stone, Ciudad Itas, at an altitude of about 3,780 m.

Here you will come across interesting rock formations and caves that have been formed and eroded by the water that flowed through the area millions of years ago.

Also todays hike will take quite some physical effort of you and on one spot you will have to ascend with the help of a rope.

But your effort will definitely be rewarded immediately after it with beautiful views over the entire park with its valley, canyons and mountain ridges. There is also a good possibility that you will spot the Andean condor.

After your visit to Ciudad Itas you will go down by car to Carreras pampa, an area exposed to the elements of nature, where there are excellent footprints of various types of dinosaurs to be seen and photographed. The local guide will point you out the footprints that are preserved best and he will explain which dinosaur has left them behind.

Than you will return to Torotoro to have dinner and to stay overnight.

day 3:

Also this day has a number of special ingredients.

After breakfast you will go by car to see an incredible number of footprints from carnivore and herbivore dinosaur species just outside the village of Torotoro first.

Then it will take 10 more minutes by car to take you to the starting point for your hike to Torotoro canyon.

Part of the hike you will walk along the canyon, then you will walk through it, over by erosion flattened stones and rocks. Along the hike you will meet more dinosaur footprints.

Then the hike will take you to a natural formed bridge.

A bit later you will arrive to a view point above the canyon from which you will have a splendid view. With a bit of luck you can spot the endangered red fronted macaw that has its habitat here.

Next you will go down the stairs that lead you to the bottom of the canyon to see the waterfall of El Vergel. While you go down you can enjoy the changing vegetation. Once you see the crystal clear water of El Vergel you probably can't resist taking a refreshing dip.
You will have to climb the stairs again to undertake the last part of your hike.

At the end of the hike the car will be waiting to bring you back to Torotoro.

You will end the adventure after having a regional dish for lunch.

At about 16.00 hrs. you will return by car to Cochabamba, where you will be dropped off at your hostal or hotel.

  • Included:
    Transport in 4x4;
    Spanish or English speaking guide, depending on availability;
    Meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the 3rd day;
    Stays overnight in a hostal in Torotoro;
    Entrance fees.
  • Not included:
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.
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