La Paz is the government city of Bolivia. Often the city is wrongly labeled as the capital of Bolivia, but that is Sucre. La Paz is located on the altiplano, the Andes plateau, at an altitude of 3,600 m and lies in a bowl. The buildings extend to the city of El Alto, with the snowy mountain top of Illimani in the background.

In addition to a ride by trufi, taxi or bus, you can also take the cable car to a number of points in the city or to El Alto, from where you have a magnificent view over the metropolis.

The city is an important administrative centre where ministries, embassies but also banks have their (main) offices. The image of the city is lively and varied, you see for example hasty people with suitcases and expensive suits and Aymara women who have small merchandise stalls.

You can enjoy a few days in La Paz, there are museums, good restaurants, nightlife, the famous witches market, etc.
The city is also the base for trekkings in the Cordillera Real and for tours to Lake Titicaca and the jungle and pampa. And from La Paz you also can easaly travel to Puno in Peru.