Is Cochabamba included in your travel plans? Then we are happy to offer you this alternative route from Samaipata.
You'll get to see some very special places like Totora and the archaeological site of Incallajta and fantastic landscapes that you'd have to miss on a long bus ride.
Totora is after Sucre and Potosí the third colonial place in Bolivia.

The colonial villages of Aiquile and Totora were hit in 1998 by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale. Apart from the dead and wounded that were to be regretted, an enormous devastation was wreaked.
There was international support (especially from the Netherlands) and Aiquile was rebuilt. However, the money destined for Totora has not reached its destination.
As a result, the recovery and reconstruction in Totora took much longer. But that is the reason why Aiquile was lost as a colonial village and why the beautiful colonial style and atmosphere have been preserved in Totora.