This national park with a surface of 3,441,115 ha. is situated in the Gran Chaco and is established on the 21st of September 1995.  

It is a unique area to visit, because here you will have quite a good chance to spot the jaguar and the puma, the tapir, monkeys and other mammals.

On our inspection trip of 5 days we also listed over 100 species of birds.

From 4 days you can make a tour into N.P. Kaa Iya. It will be ideal if you have 5 days though, because you have to realize that you need one day to get to the park and one day for travelling back. The more time you spend in the park, the bigger the chance to see animals.

What you need to know:
1. It is tremendously hot in the zone, temperatures over 40°C. are normal. So you will perspire.
2. Except for big mammals and birds there are also a lot of mosquitos and tiny sting flies (polvorines) in the park. You will not leave the park without insect bites.
3. It must be clear that we cannot promise or guarantee that you will see any specific animal; we can only say that they are seen frequently.
If you take those three things in account it for sure is worth going there and you will certainly enjoy the fabulous experience being in the park.