National Park Torotoro has a surface of 165 km² and is situated at a distance of 138 km from Cochabamba. Until now the park can only be reached from Cochabamba, although it is situated in the very north of the department of Potosí.
Nature in N.P. Torotoro is of outstanding beauty and the park is also considered to be the paleontological capital of Bolivia.
To those that are a bit adventurous we are delighted to offer this beautiful tour through the magical reserve and the N.P. Torotoro.
To cover the distance to Torotoro it takes more or less 4 hours in total.
As soon as you have left the city behind you will enjoy nature and the beautiful views over the coloured mountains.
Included in the tour are visits to a stone city at an altitude of close to 3.780 m, canyons, waterfalls and of course the huge amount of footprints that proof of the enormous reptiles that once lived here; dinosaurs.
The picturesque village of Torotoro breaths the atmosphere of ancient times, you will find rest here and experience the Bolivian culture at its best.