About Samaipata

Samaipata is a wonderful, quiet village, in a beautiful setting in the mountains, at a distance of 120 km from Santa Cruz, where the international Viru Viru airport is situated.

Nestling in the foothills of the Andes at an altitude of about 1,650 m, at the border of the National Park Amboró, it has a delightful climate all year round. The surroundings are green and mountainous. The Incas that lived here gave it the name of Samaipata. The meaning of this quechua-word is: "rest-in-the-height".



On account of the pleasant climate, the splendid environment and the various possibilities and places of interest, as well as the excellent accommodation available, Samaipata has become a highlight for many travellers. This all makes it an ideal spot to start your travel in Bolivia or to take a rest after your long flight.

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As mentioned, the places of interest are numerous.
The impressive archaeological site, El Fuerte, and National Park Amboró are so to speak, just around the corner. Also nearby there is a place where you can -almost- be sure to see condors. A walk in the surroundings of Bella Vista is also recommended to enjoy the magnificent views and the diversity of nature. You can combine a visit to the home of a local family with a rewarding visit to a particularly impressive local waterfall.

You don´t feel like going on a tour or doing a strenuous hike?
Then you can consider a horseback ride in the surroundings. Or have a good rest in a hammock at one of the pleasant hostels or cabañas that are available in Samaipata; from basic alojamientos, family run residenciales and hostals to hotels. Backpackers normally find their way to the place where they like to stay.

Attention: Samaipata has not yet a (well functioning) ATM!


You can travel to Samaipata from Santa Cruz easily by bus, shared taxi or by express taxi. Bus´s leave from Plaza Oruro, Avenida Grigota at around 16.00 - 16.15 PM and taxis leave from both Avenida Omar Chávez Ortiz, corner Soliz de Olguín, tel. 3335067 and from the 2nd ring (2do Anillo), Av. Grigota esq. Calle Arumá, tel. 3598958. The ride from Santa Cruz to Samaipata takes about 2½ hrs. by taxi or 3 hrs. by bus. From the moment the asphalted road winds upwards in the direction of Samaipata you will enjoy a fine view of the mountains covered with forest. About halfway on the route, you can see beautiful red rock formations peculiar to the area.

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