We offer an extensive and varied range of tours and services throughout Bolivia. It is our aim to show you as much as possible and to let you experience the 'real' Bolivia.

Because of our personal approach we can tailor the tours to your preference and liking for nature or culture, or a mix of both.
Both individual travellers and travellers in groups can find with us the tours that suit them most.
Due to the fact that you´re directly in contact with us, we can offer our tours of the best quality for an affordable price.

We invite you to have a look at our offer of one and more days tours in Bolivia. These tours can be used as items to compose your own travel programme, and can be complemented with stays overnight, private transfers and bus and/or air tickets. Please take note that stays overnight and transport can only be booked in combination with tours.

In consultation we can set up a programme for the time that you have available.

Except for booking a complete trip with us, you can also let us organize a part of your trip, in case you want to keep some things open on your journey to arrange by yourself.

If you choose to book a complete trip this gives you ease and a sense of security. It saves you valuable time searching for tickets and you may rest assured that you have a seat in the bus or aeroplane on the date you have planned.
It is convenient to deal with just one organization to address yourself to.
Of course we will "keep an eye on you" during your travel through Bolivia to make sure everything works out well.

If you have any question during your travel you can easily reach us by phone. It is practical that you can express yourself in English then.

In the surroundings of Samaipata, where our office is established, we execute tours of one or more days, as for example to El Fuerte, National Park Amboró, Refugio Volcanes, the Condor Hike, Bella Vista, and many more.
We can arrange your transfer to Samaipata and your accommodation here as well.

We also specialise in more days tours to destinations a bit further afield, such as:

  • the famous Che Guevara Route;
  • the beautiful and varied Old trade Road from Samaipata to Sucre (or vice versa);
  • the magnificent tour from Samaipata via Laguna Verde, colonial Totora and the Inca site Incallajta to Sucre or Cochabamba (or vice versa);
  • the excellent tour to N.P. Torotoro from Cochabamba;
  • the Jesuit Missions with their unique churches, some of shich are declared UNESCO world heritage.

Most of these tours are conducted using our own 4x4 transport.

Some of the tours can be started from Santa Cruz if you wish.

To guide the tours we set in our own or other local guides.

We wish you a pleasant time already looking through our tour offer, and we will be happy to hear from you if we can be of any help.