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Takesi Trekking

The Takesi Trail is also called Inca Trek, it is considered the best preserved pre-Columbian road of Bolivia. This former trade route was built before the Inca period and was one of the most important traffic routes from the Altiplano to the Yungas.
About half of the approximately 40 km long route is paved and leads over worn stairs, along ancient water channels and pillars. That's how the wet Andean northern slope is protected against erosion.

day 1: You will travel by bus from La Paz to Ventilla in 2 hours.
From this point you will start to walk uphill towards Palca until about ½ km before the Palca crossroads. Here on the left a path leads up to the mountain village Choque Khota at an altitude of 4,650 m.
The exit of the village is a special attraction, a picturesque cemetery chapel crowned by a slightly crooked adobe tower.

Some two hours later, after an easy river crossing, you will pass a huge monolith, called Kuwich Kuchu, where the path divides. The lower and wider path leads to the San Francisco mine, the other is the actual Takesi Trail and leads in numerous bends on a paved path up to Alpacheta. With its 4,650 m, this pass provides a fantastic overview of the Cordillera Real's mountain range with the excitingly nearby snow fields of the 5,865 m high ice giant Mururata as the highlight.

The descent first leads you down a well-preserved pre inca path to Laguna Luru Kheri where at 4,500 m there is a first camping opportunity. If you don't arrive very late you can make it to the considerably warmer place Takesi at 'only' 3,800 m. Therefore you will need about 2½ hours from the lake. Here can be accommodated with a family. 20 minutes behind the place there is also a camping that is recomendable, just near a bridge.

day 2: Shortly after the place Takesi you will feel the influence of the Yungas climate; immediately the sparse Punan vegetation is replaced by giant ferns, mosses, shrubs and bushes.

You will follow the Río Takesi, which flows far below you, and after about 1½ hour you will arrive at a magnificent viewpoint with a small cave.

From here, you round the Palli Palali mountain and after about 45 minutes the village of Kakapi village comes into view, an almost deserted Andes hamlet with an old church ruin. Alojamiento El Rosal sells local food and drinks.

From here you descend steeply to the Río Kinsa Khata. You cross the river on a small stone bridge. Down at the riverbank you can take a bath. For once, the trail goes a bit uphill and leads past some cottage settlements to the Río Takesi. You cross this river also on a bridge, this time even made of concrete. From here you still have 1½ hour to go to the small mining village of Chojlla, where the trek ends.

You will travel back to La Paz by bus.

  • Included:
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on your choice;
    Stays overnight in tent or with a family;
    Sleeping mattress;
    All meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the last day;
    Cooking gear;
    Transport of tent, food, cooking gear;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    Sleeping bag;
    Self-inflating mattress/iso-mattress;
    Transport/porter for your own personal items;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.