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Choro Inca Trail, group tour or private tour

From March to November!

The Choro route is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Bolivia, because it crosses all the vegetation and climate zones of the country in just 3 days.
From the almost 4,900 m high Chukura pass overlooking breathtaking ice peaks, it goes down more than 3,500 vertical meters to the dense Yungas. Here you walk on ancient Inca trails along dense mountain forests and wild mountain streams and you pass many view points. First you descend on rustic cobbled paths, later mossy jungle paths lead the way, interrupted by several suspension bridges. You will pass small settlements with a few shops and good campsites. The Choro Trek is also very popular with local pilgrims and especially during the Easter week this trek is often made.

Day 1: Immediately at the height of the pass Cumbre Coroico you will be dropped off by the bus driver. You follow the signage 'Choro' on the right bank of the lake. At the small guardhouse you have to register first before you follow the road with some curves to the next lake. Here you choose the path that leads steeply uphill to the Chukura Pass at the end.

After enjoying a great view over a large part of the Andes mountains, you follow the steep cobbled path with numerous streams down into a wide high valley. Here you are very close to an adjacent steep gorge. Later you cross green meadows with some small ruins. Slightly further down you cross a stream just before the village of Achura, where a small entrance fee has to be paid. Now the increasingly steep, paved but narrow path follows the water of the mountain stream that falls directly beside you. 1 to 1½ hours later you reach the village center of Challapampa where you cross the river again and where the camp is put up in the valley. A small kiosk and a well-kept toilet block almost remind one of civilization.
You need 6 to 7 hours from the pass to here.

Day 2: Directly at the beginning of the walk you have to cross a tributary of the Río Chukura, for which wooden bridges are available. At high tide this transition becomes a serious stress test. Then you cover the following 8 km on massive stone paths surrounded by dense subtropical mountain forests. Approximately 1½ hours later you pass through the village of Choro, where the river has to be crossed again, this time on an adventurous suspension bridge.

Then you walk through ever denser vegetation along the banks of the Rio Huarinilla. There are a number of smaller climbs to overcome and the path partially rises from the jungle. After another 7 km and the crossing of the Río Jacunmanini you arrive at an almost ideal campsite, but unfortunately there is no water supply. 1½ hours later the route continues along a steep ravine along the Río Coscapa, where again there are some differences in altitude. Finally you cross the gap via a well-reinforced wooden bridge while enjoying a beautiful view. Shortly afterwards the Bella Vista night spot at 1,930 m will be visible. The name is well chosen; you really enjoy a beautiful view over the river.
From Challapamapa to here it is a little less than 8 hours.

Day 3: After 2 hours of easy climbs and descents through dense mountain forests, a real rustic hut comes into view, the Casa Sandilliani at 1,974 m. In addition to various animal species, the sympathetic Japanese Tamiji Hanamura lives here. He is always happy when tired walkers make a stopover with him.
The rest of the road now clearly leads downhill; It is still 7 km to the end of Chairo at just 1,274 m altitude. The path widens and winds down. Fortunately, the surface is very passable, so you reach your final destination in less than 2½ hours. In Chairo there are restaurants and shops.
A private jeep will be waiting here to take you to Coroico.
Later in the afternoon you will return to La Paz by local bus.

  • Included:
    Transport to the trail head (Cumbre);
    Transport from Coroico back to La Paz by bus (only on the private tour);
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on availability;
    Entrance fee (only on the private tour);
    Camping fee (only on the private tour);
    Stays overnight in tent;
    Sleeping mattress;
    All meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the last day;
    Cooking gear;
    Transport of tent, food, cooking gear.
  • Not included:
    Transport from Coroico back to La Paz by bus (on the group tour);
    Entrance fee (on the group tour) about Bs. 20 p.p.;
    Camping fee (on the group tour), about Bs. 15 p.p. per night;
    Sleeping bag: Bring your own sleeping bag or rent one;
    Self-inflating mattress/iso-mattress;
    Transport/porter for your own personal items;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.