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Huayna Potosí, group tour or private tour

Day 1:
You start with a 4x4 car ride to the Zongo Pass. Then you have almost reached the Mont Blanc altitude, but there are still 600 steep altitude meters with heavy luggage lying ahead of you. The paths are clearly visible and passable, so you reach the base camp soon. From here you will take a trek for about 40 minutes until you reach the base of the glacier. On the glacier you will practice different techniques for about two hours and a half.
In the base camp where you will camp out a frugal dinner awaits you and a cold night. To compensate, however, you can enjoy an unforgettable Andean landscape.

Day 2:
On the second day of your adventure you will get yourself ready for a three hours trek at the end of which you will reach high camp at 5,200 m.
You will stay overnight in the refuge.

Day 3:
On the third day you will go for the summit of the Huayna Potosí at 6,088 m!
Therefore you will have an early start, at about one at night.
After breakfast you put your crampons on. The difficult glacier climb is followed by a steep ice passage of 60-70°, which at this height is very strenuous and reserved for those who have experience with walking on ice. After about 50 meters, however, the terrain becomes easier again and it goes over a moderately inclined ice ridge towards the ice wall to the top. This still extends almost 250 meters above you and is also quite steep (about 50°).
The reward is a breathtaking panorama with views of Lake Titicaca, La Paz and countless peaks of the Andes.
If you are fast enough, you can even enjoy this in the changing light of the rising sun.
You can not stay for too long, after all you have to descend again before the ice becomes too soft.
You will return to the high camp to have something to eat and continue further dow to base camp. Then you will descend to the pass where the taxi to La Paz will already be waiting.
At about three in the afternoon you will be back in La Paz.

  • Included:
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on your choice and availability;
    Entrance fee on the private tour (not on the group tour and on the tour for unexperienced climbers);
    Stays overnight in tent/refuge;
    Sleeping mattress;
    All meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the last day;
    Cooking gear;
    Transport of tent, food, cooking gear.
  • Not included:
    Entrance fee on the group tour and on the private tour for unexperienced climbers: about Bs. 20 p.p.;
    Sleeping bag;
    Self-inflating mattress/iso-mattress;
    Climbing gear (can be rent in La Paz);
    Transport/porter for your own personal items;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.