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Illimani Trekking

Inti Illimani, the God of the Sun. Truly majestic its multi peaks towers above the Bolivian metropolis La Paz.
You just need to get up there! In four days this is possible from La Paz or, with private, more expensive transport it is even possible in 3-days. Therefore you need to be very fit and you need enough mountaineering experience, the ice traverses are very steep and very complicated. And, for most people, the unusual altitude also makes it hard.

The Illimani is with its 6,439 m the second highest mountain of Bolivia and the highest in the Cordillera Real. The mountain has 5 peaks over 6,000 m, the highest is Pico Sur.
According to the Indian legend the mountain Apu Mururata tried to be bigger than Illimani. That enraged Illimani so that Illimani cut of the snow-capped top of Apu Mururata. Since then the cut top is located 200 km to the west in the shape of the volcano Sajama.

1st day: Depending on the number of participants you go by bus or by private transport from La Paz to Pinaya. Just before the village you will have to get out of the vehicle because it cannot get further. Donkeys or mules will carry your luggage to the first campsite which is located just behind the village at 4,500 m.

2nd day: You will climb 1,000 m up carrying your own luggage. If you want you can hire a personal porter up to here. The destination for today is called the Condors Nest, and it is in accordance with the name very remote.
The view to La Paz is breath-taking.

3rd day: You will need appr. 6 hours to reach the summit. The climb goes over huge rock and ice landscapes into the thin air.
Because you will leave around midnight you will see most of it on the way back. The view from the highest point in the Cordillera Real is overwhelming you can see almost half of the country from here.
Unfortunately you will have to go back and return all the way to the first campsite.

4th day: From the campsite you will walk back to Pinaya and from there to the road where the car or bus will pick you up to bring you back to La Paz.

  • Included:
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on your choice and availability;
    Stays overnight in tent;
    Sleeping mattress;
    All meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the last day;
    Cooking gear;
    Transport of tent, food, cooking gear;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    Sleeping bag;
    Self-inflating mattress/iso-mattress;
    Climbing gear (can be rented in La Paz);
    Transport/porter for your own personal items;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.