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The climb to Ancohuma (6,427 m) leads through mighty, almost untouched, rocky and icy landscapes. Its majestic height makes the climb to Ancohuma a highlight.

1st day: Early morning you will leave from La Paz to Sorata, a lovely Andean mountain village at 2,700 m.
From here you will start hiking, passing agriculture land first. The higher you get the more remote it gets. Following (shepherds) trails you will finally reach Lake Chilata (4,245 m) in the afternoon. This will be your first camp site on this trek.

2nd day: You will climb up more and more in the direction of Ancohuma.
It will take about 6 hours to get from Lake Chilata to the Glacial Lake. In those 6 hours you will enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the views and silence of the area. The vegetation gets less and less because your campsite for today is at 4,900 m.

3rd day: After a probably cold night you will prepare yourself to climb from 4,900 to 5,750 m.
The climb to high camp will take appr. 5 hours from where tomorrow you will try to make it to the top of the Ancohuma. The trail will lead you through snow and glacial landscapes, a nice contrast after the last 2 days hiking through green areas.
Another cold night lies ahead of you.

4th day: Today you will start early, as it will be a long day. Over imposing ice landscape you will climb in about 6 hours to the top of the Ancohuma. It is the highest summit in the northern part of the Cordillera Real and for that it is of course a first class viewpoint. From here you can see the blue waters of Lake Titicaca. Only the Illimani and the Sajama exceed the Ancohuma in Bolivia in altitude.
After enjoying the marvellous views and taking pictures of the surroundings you will have to get down to high camp first and then further down to the camp site at Lake Chilata where you will spend the last night of the trekking.

5th day: From Lake Chilata you walk down back to the civilization in Sorata from where, enjoying the views over the Cordillera Real, you will return to La Paz.

  • Included:
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on your choice and availability;
    Stays overnight in tent;
    Sleeping mattress;
    All meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the last day;
    Cooking gear;
    Transport of tent, food, cooking gear;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    Sleeping bag;
    Self-inflating mattress/iso-mattress;
    Climbing gear (can be rented in La Paz);
    Transport/porter for your own personal items;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.