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From Samaipata to Sucre or v.v.

Around 8.30 hrs you will set off from Samaipata. First you will enter the valley of Mairana. People here work mainly in farming and there are also huge chicken breeding farms.
Then you will pass the desert of Mataral where tall cacti grow.
By small villages you will arrive in Comarapa. There you will visit Laguna Verde (the green lake). In Comarapa you will have lunch, possibly we will arrange a picnic.

Then you will continue. Driving over an unpaved road you will reach an area that is called Siberia. This name has been given to it for a reason; it is always misty in this abundant overgrown area. Water is constantly dripping from the with moss draped brushwood and plants.
When a bit further on you will get views over the surroundings it seems you are looking at snow-capped mountains, but in reality you see the white clouds, sliding gently over the mountain tops, an almost unreal sight.
Further on, the landscape is formed by mountain slopes and agriculture crops, mainly grain.

At the end of the afternoon you will arrive in Totora. We advise you to go for a walk through the picturesque town. Totora is the third colonial town in Bolivia, after Sucre and Potosí. The streets are covered with cobblestones and together with the small bridges the scenery might make you think of paintings of Anton Pieck.
Just outside the centre of Totora you can climb the big rock that should boost fertility.

Time permitting you will also bring a visit to the chichería, the beer brewery, where you can see how chicha, maize beer, is made.
In a local weaving house you will learn how the beautiful and multi-coloured rugs and cloths are woven by artisans.
You will certainly appreciate Totora by the attractive streetlights as well.
You will stay overnight in a basic hostal in Totora.

If there wasn’t enough time on the first day to visit the chichería and the local weaving house we will do our best to include it in the programme on the 2nd day. You will arrive in Sucre a bit later but it is a good experience to visit those places.

Than you will set course for the beautiful archaeological Inca site of Incallajta. To visit the site we have to cover a bit more distance but it is absolutely worth it. Incallajta was of big importance in the Inca-era and is nowadays still a site of outstanding beauty.

After that you will return to Totora and continue in the direction of Sucre. The road between Totora and Aiquile is plastered with cobblestones. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and you will probably see farmers working their land. After you have passed Aiquile you will reach Puente Arce; on the other side of this bridge you will be in the department of Chuquisaca. The road from there to Sucre is asphalted. In the late afternoon you will arrive in Sucre, where you will be brought to the hostal/hotel of your choice.

  • Included:
    Transport in 4x4;
    Spanish or English speaking guide, depending on availability;
    Meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the 2nd day;
    Stay overnight in a hostal in Totora;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.