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Uyuni - Salar de Uyuni - Tupiza, private tour

You will depart around ten on this wonderful tour through the Salar the Uyuni.

First you will visit the Train Cemetery, and then Colchani, where handicrafts made of salt can be seen, as well as the process of making domestic salt, and the Salt Museum.
Then you will enter the salt flats and you will see Ojos del Salar; here bubbling gases escape from underneath the salt flat, and Montones de Sal (salt piles).
After that you will visit the Salt Hotel and Incahuasi, where you can go for a short walk to observe giant cacti and volcanic rocks.
On your way you will visit the caves of Cueva del Diablo and Galaxy Cristal if there is enough time.
You will spend the night in Chuvica, in Aguaquiza or in San Juan, in a basic accommodation. 

On the second day you will travel through the Salar de Chiguana to a viewpoint from where you will have a splendid view at the semi-active Ollagüe Volcano.
The journey continues driving through the Silolí Desert and you will get to see Cañapa Lagoon, Hedionda Lagoon and Chiarkota Lagoon.
Next stop will be at the Stone tree; a rock formation of over eight meters high.
After a visit to Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon) you will end the day close to the lagoon, where you will spend the night in a basic accommodation.

The departure on the third day will be early. You will start the day with a visit to the geyser Sol de Mañana, and a bit later on you will have the opportunity to warm up when you take a bath in the natural thermal water of the hot springs (Polques).
The journey goes on through the Salvador Dalí Desert and you will arrive at Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon) with the close by Licancabur Volcano, and next you will see Laguna Blanca (White Lagoon).
You will bend of north and travel through the Salar de Chalviri. You will pass Laguna Kolpa, where raw material is extracted for making soap. You will pass through the towns of Quetena Grande and Quetena Chico. The zone is dominated by the Uturuncu Volcano of more than 6,000 m high.
You will spend the night in a basic accommodation in one of those two places or in San Antonio de Lípez.
If you can stand the cold (-18/-20°C), we recommend to go outside for a few minutes to appreciate the immense Milky Way above you. There is no light pollution here and the sky is truly breath taking.

On the 4th day you will find yourself in the Cordillera de Lípez. In continuation you will travel in the direction of San Pablo de Lípez. You will pass Laguna Morejón and the area with the same name, with volcanic eroded rock formations. You will head through the abandoned ghost town of San Antonio, a village once famous for its wealth in gold. According to local legends the devil ruled here and forced the suffering villagers to flee... Then you will descend into the Valleys of Salo and Tupiza. You will visit the Sillar (saddle) where you can enjoy a dramatic landscape. Also you will see the Quebrada of Palala, a by erosion spectacular jagged rock formation. You will arrive in Tupiza later in the afternoon.

  • Included:
    Transport in 4x4 vehicle;
    Spanish speaking driver or English speaking guide, depending on your choice;
    Meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including lunch on the 4th day;
    3x stay overnight in basic accommodations.
  • Not included:
    Entrance fees;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.