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Jungle Tacuaral eco lodge & Pampas Caracoles eco lodge, group tour or private tour

You will depart around 9.00 hrs. in the morning by boat from Rurrenabaque over the River Beni. You will pay your entrance for the National Park Madidi, one of the parks with the biggest biodiversity of the world.
A boat ride of some 3 hrs. will take you to the Tacuaral eco lodge that is located on the bank of the River Tuíchi.
After having lunch you can rest a short while in a hammock.
In the afternoon, you will go for a walk with your guide through the jungle where you will have the possibility to see wild animals as various species of monkeys, deer, wild pigs (peccaries), capybaras and birds.
After dinner you will go on a night walk to appreciate the sounds of the forest and to observe night animals.

On the second day after breakfast you will visit a sector that is called Caquiawara, a natural salt bearing spot (clay-lick) where you can observe parrots and macaws. From a mirador you will have a spectacular view and good possibilities to take pictures of the parrots and macaws that arrive to eat the loamy and salty earth.
Than you will return to the lodge to have lunch.
In the afternoon you will go fishing in the River Tuíchi or in a lagoon in the forest. Fish species most appreciated by tourists in this area are: surubí, black-spotted catfish, white pacú, mamuri, striped surubí and sábalo.
If you rather take a bath in the River Tuíchi or undertake another walk in the forest that's also possible.
Later on dinner will be served.

On the third day you will depart after an early breakfast and travel back by boat to Rurrenbaque where you will arrive around 8.30 hrs. Here you will have a small break before you will continue by car to  Santa Rosa del Yacuma.
You will step into a boat to sail on the River Yacuma to the Caracoles eco lodge. Here you will have lunch and a short rest. In the afternoon you will sail the river and go to the Pampas to see the wildlife. The animals are quite easy to find and to photograph. The best season to visit the Pampas is in the dry season when many capybaras, turtles, black caiman and maybe an anaconda are warming up in the sun or are hunting. You will see the river dolphin, the black caiman, monkeys and many bird species. You will enjoy your dinner at the lodge and in the evening you can listen to the sounds of the pampas by night.

Directly after breakfast on the fourth day you will go hiking for three to four hours through wetlands to search for the giant anaconda. The guide can also point out the white and black caiman. Lunch will be at the lodge again and in the afternoon you will go for a boat ride on the River Yacuma to search for piranhas and to swim with river dolphins. In the evening you go out by boat again to spot the glistering eyes of the caiman. You might see some night birds as well.

On the last day after breakfast there is another boat ride waiting for you. This time you will see squirrel monkeys in big groups running through the trees. The pampas are also the habitat of the brown and the black howler monkeys.
After lunch you will go back to Santa Rosa by boat. There a 4x4 Jeep is waiting to take you to Rurrenabaque where you will arrive late afternoon. 

  • Included:
    Transfer from and to the airport in Rurrenabaque (only on the private tour);
    Meals from lunch on the 1st day up to and including the lunch on the last day;
    2x stay overnight in Tacuaral Eco Lodge and 2x in Caracoles Eco Lodge;
    English speaking guide.
  • Not included:
    Transfer from and to the airport in Rurrenabaque on the group tour;
    Entrance fee for N.P. Madidi, about US-$ 18 p.p.;
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.