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Serranias Almillanis

You will drive from La Paz to the starting point of the trail which lies in the direction of Coroico. The drive takes about 45 minutes to the Cumbre pass. The trailhead is at the dam of the Incachaca Lagoon. Just after the dam behind a farm house an initially wide path takes you steep up. After a while the path narrows. Opposite of the lagoon you will see the mountain peak of Cerro Kinkillosa (5,008 m). This mountain is not our goal for today though. You take a left turn to a black pyramid and walk up through a wide valley full of grass. Suddenly the dark main peak of the mountain which from here seems almost impossible to climb will become visible.

You will approach the mountain while enjoying beautiful views in the depths on Laguna Encanto, a picturesque lake.

The final ascent to the highest point of the Serranias Almillanis of 5,108 m leads through steep debris fields into a saddle with splendid views. Then suddenly all the famous mountain peaks come into view opposite you: the Huayna Potosí, Illimani, Charkini, Manquilizani, Tiquimani and many others. 

Little by little, all the apparent difficulties seem to have given way to just enjoyment. The path is easy to find. The attentive observer may even notice a few markers.

The path bends slightly to the left and winds its way unmistakably through the steep rock formations. A narrow path eventually leads to the ridge on the right and from there you follow the ridge in easy climbing steps the last few metres to the top.

After enjoying the enormous panoramic view of the summit with some 6,000 m peaks you descend on the path that leads to the first saddle. From here it is a pleasant descent as you walk on to the shore of the lake. You can descend the valley in front of you to the nearby checkpoint or return to the pass road via a small saddle and a steep gravel track.

The car will be waiting for you at the end of the track to take you back to La Paz.

* Sure-footedness and experience in finding your way are indispensable requirements for this route.

  • Included:
    Private transport;
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on availability;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.