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From Chacaltaya to the Zongo Pass

After driving up to a height of 5,100 meters, you arrive at the trail head at a hut where a small fee has to be payed. Behind the rear exit starts the trail.

Almost straight ahead you climb to the first of the many 5,000 m peaks of the Chacaltaya massif. That goes very fast; after 150 metres you are at the top. Climbing such a high mountain could hardly be easier.

This is followed by a short descent, before you walk around the highest point of the Chacaltaya mountain range on the left side on a good path and then climb up the ice-cold peak, this time from the right side and over a harmless ridge.
Nothing blocks the immense views of the endless sea of peaks of the Cordillera Real.

Only a few of the many day-trippers from La Paz come this far. To completely separate yourself from them, you will cross the promising ridge on the left, until shortly before its end easy paths lead to the right into a shingle field.

You will reach the next peak from the saddle over gently sloping gravel fields. Still accompanied by excellent views, especially over the giant rock colossus of the Illimani, you cross the harmless ridge. After a slight climb and descent there is a small steep slope in front of you. But it looks much more serious than it is. Because if you look to the right you immediately see helpful climbing tracks, which lead down over safe ledges in a very easy climb.

On the next climb, you keep to the left to avoid a few rocks. You climb over a wide gravel ridge, through multicoloured rock formations in merely 15 minutes to the inviting summit, the second highest point of this mountain range. The unusual silence combined with the mighty view of the summit takes you to a different world. Now you keep left and descend into a wide valley below the glacier area of Cerro Charkini.

From here you will need maximum half an hour until you reach the Zongo pass where the car will be waiting for you for the return trip.

  • Included:
    Private transport;
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on availability;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.