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Meula del Diablo

You drive a stretch from La Paz to the south. There an exciting rock formation awaits you with two sharp points in the summit area, the Muela del Diablo or Devil's Molar. It is part of protected municipal area and is a Natural Landscape Heritage Site.

The hike is quite short, but leads through beautiful green fields and along interesting rock formations. At the summit, although 'only' 3,825 m high, you will have a fantastic view of the city and the surrounding high peaks, crowned by the ice-armoured Illimani.

In Pedregal the ride ends in front of a small shop. From here a wide road on the right leads up the mountain. First you pass some modest houses and a small cemetery, while you soon gain height on wide serpentines.
Just follow the road and cut as many sections as you like, which lead directly up the mountain over narrow paths and quickly rejoin the main path.

  Nice to know that according to legends, the Devil's Molar ended up here as a result of a brawl between angels and demons in heaven. One of the archangels knocked a tooth out of a demons' mouth and he spit it out where it is now.

Soon the view becomes wider with the surrounding ice giants such as Huayna Potosí, Mururata and of course the towering Illimani.

Only the Muela itself is not visible yet, but this changes as soon as you reach the pass. Suddenly the rock colossus with its two noches looms right in front of you. But the road first leads to the left through amazing green landscapes to a small village. Cows, dogs and pigs constantly accompany you, while to the left of the Muela a red-coloured adobe building attracts your attention.

In the village you turn right and descend into a small stream bed. Immediately on the other side you have to climb up again. Narrow paths lead steeply but infallibly to the bastion of the top.
Now traces of the path lead to the south side of the gravel wall. After two very short rocky ledges you struggle against a very steep gravel field and reach a ridge.
On the left a now good path leads to the viewpoint between the two peaks. A few minutes later you reach this point and enjoy inspiring views in the steep cliffs and over the gigantic city of La Paz.

During the descent you make a diversion that leads you straight through bizarre and colourful earth formations.

* Surefootedness and a height-resistant head are absolutely essential.
* Unfortunately, the two steep cliffs at the summit can only be reached via an unprotected climb and are therefore exclusively reserved for experienced climbers.

  • Included:
    Private transport;
    Spanish or basic English speaking guide, depending on availability;
    Entrance fee.
  • Not included:
    All other costs that are not specifically mentioned.