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City Tour, half day or full day

During the half-day city tour, departure 9.00 hrs. or 14.30 hrs., you will see the exterior of the following buildings in the historic colonial centre of the city: the main square Plaza 6 de Agosto, the obelisk, the Church of Bethlehem, the square Plaza 10 de Noviembre, the Jesuits Church (Monastery), la Casa de las Recogidas, the Sa. Teresa Church, the Arco de Cobija (gateway), the Ingenio Dolores (factory), the Santo Domingo Church, the streets Linares and Tarija.

After the half-day tour your guide can take you to La Casa de la Moneda, probably the best museum of Bolivia or to the Santa Teresa Monastery, to visit it on your own.

Please note that the museum La Casa de la Moneda is closed on Mondays.

If you choose the full day tour you will also get to see the outside of the following buildings: the Royal Officers Pavilion, the Central Market, the San Lorenzo Church, the San Agustín Convent, the Pasaje de Siete Vueltas (alley with 7 turns), the Bethlehem Convent and the pedestrian area El Boulevard.

At the end of the full day tour you can visit the San Francisco church and museum on your own or the Santa Teresa church and museum.

  • Included:
    Lunch (only with the full day tour);
    English speaking guide.
  • Not included:
    Entrance fees (Casa de la Moneda Bs. 40 p.p., Sa. Teresa Bs. 30 p.p., San Francisco Bs. 20 p.p., entrance fees for other churches are about  Bs. 15 p.p. per church but might vary);
    All other costs that are not mentioned specifically.