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Mine Tour Cerro Rico, 3 to 3½ hrs.

Before you depart from Potosí you will put on safety clothes and take a lamp and a helmet with you.

You will visit the miners market where you can buy some gifts like coca leafs, dynamite and pure alcohol for the miners (not included).
It is tradition to bring the miners gifts because you are entering their working area and the miners need those gifts because of their low wages.

By car you will go to one of the many entrances of the famous silver mine. You will see miners at work, there is a miners-made museum and you will visit El Tío, the God of the underworld, where the miners offer to Pacha Mama, Mother Earth.

You can descend to all levels you want, but normally the wider and higher shafts are chosen. You can leave the mine with an assistant-guide at any time, also if the group wants to descend further down.

You will have the possibility to be witness of a dynamite explosion and you can also visit an Ingenio, a place where the minerals are being processed for export.

Note: On Sundays the mine workers are not at work!

  • Included:
    English speaking guide;
    An overall, boots, safety helmet and a head torch with battery.
  • Not included:
    Gifts for the mine workers;
    All other costs that are not mentioned specifically.