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Triathlon, private tour; Jeep tour, hiking and horseback riding

The triathlon includes:

- Jeep Tour (3 hours):
The Jeep Tour starts with a visit to the Quebrada de Palala, one of the most beautiful places in the Chicheño Valley, a gorge in which various communities and touristy places are located.
During the route you will see red, grey, blue and violet coloured mountains, without doubt a delight for the eye.
Next you pass El Sillar, the soil and rocks in this region are eroded during millions of years, in this way shaping the multi coloured and jagged rocks known as for example Valle de la Luna.
Then you pass La Poronga situated in San Miguel, one of the most important attractions in the region, a natural monument of 50 m high with a phallic shape.
You continue the tour to the gorge El Angosto. In ancient times Tupiza was an immense lake and time passing the water found its escape for which reason you can enjoy this attraction. Nowadays the water of the Rio Tupiza flows through the gorge. In the rocky structure two tunnels are made, one for traffic and one for trains, resulting in an unequalled attraction during the rainy season.
Continuing the road through El Angosto you will arrive at the viewpoint Entre Ríos, where the rivers San Juan del Oro and Tupiza converge.

- Hike (1 hour):
You will start your hike from the viewpoint Río up to arrive at La Torre, a 40 m high rock formation in the shape of a bull.

- Horseback riding (3 hours):
You will start with a visit to the Quebrada de Palmira which is a large gorge where you can appreciate rock formations like La Puerta del Diablo. You will pass the Valle de los Machos where you will see rock formations with a phallic shape and finally you will visit the Cañon del Inca.
You can also choose to cover a part of the tour by bike instead of hiking!

  • Included:
    Transport in Jeep;
    Lunch box: fruit, mineral water and sandwich;
    English speaking guide. The guide will NOT be present when you go horseback riding.
  • Not included:
    All other costs that are not mentioned specifically.