Dear traveller,

Are you up for a wonderful trip to Bolivia?
We are ready for it!

Despite the difficult period we are all going through because of the coronavirus, there is now hope for better times. Meanwhile Kaleidoscope Travel is prepared for travelling during and after corona time.

Good news:

  • From the latest news reports it seems that there will be a corona vaccine within a few months. This offers good prospects for tourism, both for you as a traveller and for us. We can offer you our services again so that you can enjoy all the beauty of Bolivia.
  • The situation in Bolivia with regard to the corona virus looks positive at the moment. From mid-October till mid-November the number of new infections has remained below 200 per day. This amounts to 13 infected people per 100 000 inhabitants, measured over the last 14 days. You can view the current situation here: News corona virus confirmed infections per country worldwide.
  • Flying to and from Bolivia is possible again, via various routes and with multiple airlines. The only thing you need extra compared to travelling before the pandemic is a negative corona test result. It can also be required that you have booked a flight to leave Bolivia.
  • Travelling within Bolivia is almost normalised, although the number of domestic flights is less than before.
  • We have received the first European travellers at our office in Samaipata.
  • We are prepared for travelling during and after the pandemic and we have obtained 'Bioseguro' certificates, both as operator, for our tourist transport and for our guides. This means that we follow the protocols and comply with the legal conditions as set by the Vice Ministry of Tourism in Bolivia.

What do we do to make your travel as safe as possible in corona time?

  • Where possible we work with operators, hotels, transport and guides who also have the Bioseguro certificate.
  • We check with our providers if they meet the conditions set by the Vice Ministry of Tourism in Bolivia and we encourage them to get the Bioseguro certificate.
  • We keep a close eye on the developments in Europe and in Bolivia and where desired or necessary we respond to this.
  • Until May 2021 we offer private transport with driver for an attractive low rate, creating a personal 'bubble' for you.

What do we advise you as a traveler in Bolivia?  

  • Travel individually and by road as much as possible. This way you will also enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Bolivia has to offer.
  • Visit a small(er) area and avoid long travel times. Doing so, you will most likely experience your trip more intensely.
  • Avoid busy markets and other places where many people gather;
  • Opt for private tours and travel with private transport instead of flying or taking bus trips,
  • Keep 1,5 m distance from each other and your guide or driver, always use a mouth- and nose mask this is (still) mandatory in Bolivia and wash your hands regularly and/or use a disinfectant hand gel. Do not shake hands.
  • Make sure you have enough mouth- and nose masks and disinfectant hand gel with you.
  • Before departure make sure you have a good travel and health insurance and check if you have a good cancellation insurance that meets your wishes. Also check the insurance coverage on Covid-19 and the repatriation policy carefully.