Travel Examples

To make it a bit easier for you to put together a trip to your liking, we've designed a number of example trips for you.

Travel Examples Bolivia

If it's on you wish list to visit the highlights of Bolivia, you can start from this Highlights Trip Bolivia. You can use this as a guideline and make adjustments if you have more or less time.
Parts that you may find less attractive can easily be left out, or if you want to stay longer or shorter in some place, we can simply adapt the program to your wishes.

If you have the opportunity to travel a little longer in Bolivia, you will be given an idea of a complete journey with the most beautiful spots Bolivia has to offer in this Colorful Bolivia Trip.

Combination Trip Bolivia/Chile

If you want to make a unique combination trip with Chile, this example trip is a very good starting point: Combination Trip Bolivia/Chile.

This trip contains traditional elements in Bolivia and beautiful nature in both Bolivia and Chile. The conclusion of the trip is in the Metropolis Santiago de Chile.